Does my hair need a schedule too?

The beauty and the beast about having woolly textured hair is you can go long periods of time without washing it, BUT prepare for dealing with matting and potential dredlocks forming.

My hair type doesn’t usually go by a schedule, but in order to maintain it, should I add more pressure to my hectic schedule and interrupt my natural hair processes because it seems like the right thing to do?

Since beginning my natural hair journey, no heat or texture manipulation – yeah I had insecurities about my kinky curly hair many moons ago like many black women; I eventually discovered how to love the Me I am and the true Me the world needs to accept me for.  Plus I got tired of faking it.  I find that to survive in this life, we require some form of regulation and standards, but does that mean the same goes for the things that we have no real control over like our hair?

My hair drinks more moisture than I think I drink water daily.  Some days the closest I get to giving it what it needs are a couple of sprays of water and a straight pony-tail, until tomorrow comes around again.  I see so many videos online about hair care routines, and what other ladies are doing to maintain themselves.  I feel some what anxious knowing that their hair carries that much weight in their daily life.  Am I missing something?

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