My kitchen and I

It’s no surprise I loathe my kitchen. Aside from being the most common area to sit and have a chat with a friend, everything else about that space requires some kind of work.
Whether that’s cooking something, cleaning something up, wiping something down, packing it away. The list goes on.
Long a weekends are a huge exhausting anxious time for me to prep for the aftermath of the long weekend.


As usual I prepare myself by taking pictures of the areas that need most attention. Don’t ask me why I do this, it works for my brain..

Accompanied by some House music, I know, no pun intended but again, that’s what works for me… The tasks suddenly begin to flow like water and my mood takes on a more pleasing vibe.


I use a counter by counter process. Keeps the stress and anxiety levels at a low state.

What steps do you enjoy using to help you get through the clean ups after a long weekend?

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