Patience for friends

Friends are great.  Like all of us, they have their up day and down days.  This post is about the friend that really wears your patience thin.  It’s not a bad thing that you’re friends with them, unless the relationship becomes abusive in the regards to your kindness and disrespected.

The friend that walks with you, then suddenly turns off route but will meet up with you ahead, when they arrive, you see they’ve been damaged some how.  Their injuries don’t really seem to affect you, but your patience starts to become a factor.  No matter how much advise you share with them, they continue to make the same choices in life.  What do you do?  My opinion would be not to make these people “best friends”.  These people  clearly don’t share the same beliefs, values, or morals as yourself, but they respect yours (to a degree).

When you go to the park with the purpose to sit and read a book.  That same tree will be there, when you go home and return again.  Some people cannot walk a straight line with a straight back.  Maybe you are considered their tool or their tree.  In that case, continue to stand tall.

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