The answers are out there

I’ve had a lot of thoughts to process, a lot of wisdom to share.  How and where I’m going to create this vessel that I have within to share it with the world is the question.

Her Butler, started as a thought. I was initially the “Her” that I was speaking about as well as the “Butler” to other whom I’ve shared advise, insight and help when it was required of me.


How I was going to kick off this idea was another question I needed to answer.  I decided to use comics as my vessel first, as it didn’t connect with human beings or a particular someone.  It was welcomed and received in a great way.  However, there was still work that needed to be done.  Something kept telling me there’s more to this, I just have to seek it out.

Three weeks later, it came to me.  As I researched and studied videos on YouTube about blogging about something your passionate about, the only thing I could think of was my voice.  My voice, the words that appear out of the air that people are seeking and need to hear was my passion.  That moment, I decided let’s walk the path of a Life Coach.

I’ve begun my studies of a very contemporary course that will grant me a certification in the field eventually that I’m really excited about.

I can’t wait for this walk to evolve.

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