Hello Spring, I’ve sprung too!

I’m so excited for the new spring season to come upon us and ignite my new discovered passion for my life and the new experiences into it.  The earth is giving birth again, and I feel like I’m being born again too.  This new blog has been put into my lap, the voice inside of me is waiting for me to put the words together, and I’m not really sure how.  Does that ever happen to you?


Not very often am I caught in this predicament, twiddling my fingers together not knowing what to do next.  Patience is definitely present with me, and I’m going to listen to its calling.

3 Things I know, I’m looking forward to this spring and sharing;

  • Starting my vegetable garden
  • Sinking deeper into my Life Coaching course and hopefully practice training
  • Travelling deeper into the world of the bloggers I follow and discovering new ones.

The blogging world is huge, if I can’t find you, please LIKE so I can discover you too.  Have a great spring 2018!

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