Second chances

I bought this Cactus plant from Walmart.  It was in full bloom and seeing as I’ve never, ever had one before, I figured go for it.

There habitat is in bright spaces, but with the winter weather,  not all days are bright and sunny.

However, as soon as the warm weather came, I went for it! I placed them outside.  BIG MISTAKE that was.  I noticed after a couple of days of sunshine the leaves started to turn pink as though they were burning, so I decided to bring them back inside.

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Long story short, it died… but did it?

I decided to keep the pot, as that was what attracted me to buying the cactus in the first place.  It was just sitting around on the counter for the past couple of months, until I picked it up off the fridge (as it was cleaning day) and noticed green speckles in it.


It was growing again???

Yes it was, growing AGAIN.

Seeing this beautiful sight, brought me to a place of recognition.

This is my second chance.


I practice prayer in the form of conversation with the Father, and the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus), and I believe my joy for this plant was acknowledged and blessed.  We don’t know as humans what we are doing everyday and our end results sometimes end up in consequence rather than conquered.  That’s just how the life cycle goes.

However, I got a second chance, to prove myself worthy to care for something as I intended to in the first place.

Do you believe in giving second chances?

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