Why my life has order

With so many laws and statues surrounding us in the world, makes me think the reasons they were put there in the first place.

As I reference the scriptures daily, it reads that God put laws and statues in place for his chosen people, some of us today know as the 10 commandments, even though there’s more than 600 commandments. They were put in place for the people to have a certain order. How that compares to life today, is another story.

Today however, it’s seems that with all the freedoms and craziness accepted in society, you need to have your own set of rules and statutes set to keep yourself centered and balanced in this life. If you don’t, be prepared for the ride of your life.


With my personality, I need to have certain guidelines set in place for those who I encounter daily in social or work settings.

The world is a desert table, but I’m sticking to the shortbread and strawberry cake and chocolate dipped in strawberries. Everyone else can have the rest and I’m fine with that.

God said, the devil (deceiver) can have the clay, silver, gold even diamonds, he’ll take the rubies. I love that. Do you consider yourself the clay or a Ruby?

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