Do you read the bible? if so, when?


To begin with, is that even the right question to be asking?  Do you even own a bible?

If so, why do own one?  I’m always curious to know reasons why people have bibles in their possession and if they’re even using them.

If either of those questions send a weird vibe through your insides, then keep on reading.

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The question today is “When do you read your bible?”  Is there a specific day you should be picking it up?  Yes, because without it, you’re unable to edify yourself on laws and principles which are dedicated that day.  That “day” is the Sabbath, which begins Friday evening sundown into Saturday.  The HOLY day is NOT Sunday!

So, what does that mean to you?  

Personally, in developing my walk with YAH and myself spiritually, the only thing that changed for me is acknowledging the FACTs, and continuing to learn and understand the principles that have been set for me and others to walk their life righteously.

I know I can pick up and put down my bible any time of day in the week I want to.  If I am invited to a bible reading, it does NOT mean that is the time you should be opening your bible and reading with others either.  Your walk with YAH is independent and exclusive to you and Him.  As it is written. your time to be with Him should be in private.  Not out for all to see.  That’s not how it’s done.

Your walk should feel liberating and some times or as it is for me, difficult too depending on the circumstances that present themselves, but either way in your heart it is written that you are with him no matter what.

Stay Blessed.

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