5 talks he’s really not interested in

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It’s funny how the ways of the world flow AGAINST the way we should really be should be living our lives.pizap.com15493760357001

After talking with my darling sister and my husband about this subject, we all agreed on the top 5 topics we ladies shouldn’t be saving to talk about with our husbands.
Ladies, remember, your man is a physical being created to work, protect, love you and his family.
So please, do not come to him to discuss the following topics with him. The truth has nothing to do with NOT loving you either. He just doesn’t care for it.

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(1) What you’re cooking for dinner
He just wants to eat!!! Especially if he’s been out working his guts and blood out in the rat race. Dealing and closing deals all day. When he comes home, he just wants to eat and relax.

(2) Improving the Marriage
You have to admit a conversation like this takes a lot of work on both sides. Don’t bring this conversation up on a week night WITHOUT giving a notification on a weekend evening or something. You can create disruption IMMEDIATELY with this one. Tread cautiously in your approach.

(3) Your TV shows
If he’s not watching them with you, it doesn’t make any sense. He doesn’t care for it. Unless you’re making reference to something you watched that relates to the topic you are both dealing with presently, don’t do it!

(4) Daily pregnancy Updates 

As rude as it sounds, he can’t relate to anything you’re going through during your pregnancy. It’s an effort for him to try and make an effort to relate to what you’re going through. Don’t get mad if he doesn’t ask. Especially if all is well on your side and routine isn’t out of the ordinary at the moment. Many women go to their check ups alone, so if you choose to share how your check up went, that’s great, but not daily from those pregnancy websites.

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(5) Your trips to the Mall
Please DO NOT try and make conversation with your man about your trip to the mall and what sales you saw, or what jacket you like. Unless you are going for purpose, getting something he or the children need and something happened during that time that he should know, NOT what you want him to know. Share it. Other than that, save it for the girlfriends.
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As it is written, the curses to know it all and the yearn to do it all, was put upon us. After our dear mother of the earth Eve, had her insightful conversation with that serpent. Understanding of this truth is important, as it will savor and strengthen your marriage/relationships days.
Stay blessed, brother and sisters.


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