F-words I cant stand in February

Amanda Lindroth

Ok, I don’t know if we’re sailing the same wave now, but when it comes to the month of February, my winter-wonderland spirit has packed it’s bags and begun it’s voyage in search of heat and relaxion.

Something about this month, even effects how I communicate and speak.

Sitting in my silence with a cup of coffee, I found myself contemplating my thoughts and feelings towards winter.  This is what I cam up with.  Words that begin with the letter “F” bother me during cold Canada winter months.  Here are my top 5 “F” words I avoid using in the winter.

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Amanda Lindroth

  • FOCUS  – Some mornings it’s even too cold to focus on breathing.  Instead of using “that word”, I would opt for “concentrate”
  • FUEL  – Reminds of the weekly grind of getting out my vehicle to put gas in my car, while freezing my tail off.
  • FEELINGS  – Don’t even think about bringing this F-word to the table in winter with me.  It’s an button to instant winter blues.  The only feelings I have in winter in COLD.  I replace this F-word with “emotions” or “present state”
  • FUNNY – The winter blues, are not funny at all.  I’m not going to spend much time on this F-word.  Instead, I would opt for “humor”.
  • FREEZE / FROSTY – Just typing those words impact my present state.  I would opt for simple “COLD”.

I think it’s important we familiarize ourselves with our inner mechanics.  That way, you are able to communicate and present your truth in the best form for others to understand and interact with you.  I don’t tell everyone how I feel about these words.   It’s not their problem, it’s mine.  I need to find a resolution for it so it doesn’t impact those relationships.

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