1 serving of truth & apology?


After taking an unexpected break away from my new, refreshing and inspiring blog, that I just started this year, I’m returning to it.

I’m going to try and explain the reason why I separated from it. All I know is my mind went silent, after the rush of ideas, thoughts and feelings I was experiencing when I decided to start a blog, everything around me felt as though it stopped moving.  I couldn’t move.

Friendships changed, my marriage matured, I discovered my joy in audio-books, my lifestyle was going through transitions, but I didn’t know the reason behind it.  I felt like there were many paths ahead of me to choose from, but I couldn’t take that first step to choose which path I wanted to take.  Trust me, this is not a conversational piece you could have with anyone and expect them to have the understanding towards it, so as I usually do, I decided to “walk alone” through it, and see where it takes me.

Throughout this experience, I kept thinking about “Her Butler”.  Why did I start this blog and just drop it like that?  Why the name “Her Butler”?  What is wrong with me?

The truth, there is nothing “wrong” with me, but my blog and what I want “Her Butler” to represent wasn’t coming from the place I thought it was coming from initially.

woman iin white dress walking on beach

A little background history about myself.  I was baptized two years ago, and my journey through exploring my beliefs and the scriptures made me want share my world according to how the Scriptures stipulated the life of Jews and Israelites lived.  No, I’m not a Christian, but I do consider myself a Servant of the Messiah the Christians call Jesus Christ.   Anyway, since my “rebirth”, my understanding to how life was meant to be lived and how the people chose to live at that time, made me want to do right according to how The Father wants His people to live.  My content was inspired by Scripture, and I received a following from continuing to adapt and apply life in the bible to my own, and guess what?  It worked, until I went “overboard”.  I think that was the reason for my pause.  I believe, the Father, or God as most know him by, gave His people the Laws and Statutes to live by to protect and shield them from Sin.

Her Butler, is My walk with YAH in this life I have left to the best of my ability.  Like we do with our own Fathers who we come from, we seek guidance and aide in hard times, I seek Him throughout the Scriptures.  My content may not always be pleasing to some, or difficult to understand at times, and that’s ok.  Like the King of the 12 Tribes once said, his sheep will hear his voice, and being born in April, I consider myself one of those sheep and I stand behind Him.  Loud and Proud!

Pphheewww!!! I made it!  I think this is what I was meant to do from the beginning.  I do apologize for not coming correctly from the beginning with my blog.  My blog is still here, like I know YAH! is still there for me also, and I hope and pray you are also.

I’m feeling better already!

I look forward to sharing “real” talk with you about life and my experiences.  In the mean time, continue to live in your truth and always lay respect on the table first, before you give anything else of yourself to another.


Hello Spring, I’ve sprung too!

I’m so excited for the new spring season to come upon us and ignite my new discovered passion for my life and the new experiences into it.  The earth is giving birth again, and I feel like I’m being born again too.  This new blog has been put into my lap, the voice inside of me is waiting for me to put the words together, and I’m not really sure how.  Does that ever happen to you?


Not very often am I caught in this predicament, twiddling my fingers together not knowing what to do next.  Patience is definitely present with me, and I’m going to listen to its calling.

3 Things I know, I’m looking forward to this spring and sharing;

  • Starting my vegetable garden
  • Sinking deeper into my Life Coaching course and hopefully practice training
  • Travelling deeper into the world of the bloggers I follow and discovering new ones.

The blogging world is huge, if I can’t find you, please LIKE so I can discover you too.  Have a great spring 2018!

Submitting to my notebook

Since starting my new Life Coaching course, my mind and spirit have taken a whole new meaning to how I conduct my life on a daily basis.


I purchased fantastic notebooks for my notes from Indigo, hoping they would keep me motivated throughout the journey.  No need however, the motivation was present before I even arrived at my desk and pull the notebooks out.  I find myself to be in complete submission to the course, the exercises and the experience.  My notebook and pens have taken on a brand new relationship.  I have to admit I can’t say the same when I was studying accounting.  Is that because Passion wasn’t part of the equation?  Will see I suppose.