7 things Simple living is for me

I consider myself one of the lucky ones, when I think about my life journey and the point I’ve reached thus far.

I say lucky because I know what I want in my life, but MOST IMPORTANT, I know what I DON’T WANT in my life. When you don’t know these things,  is when problems and confusion can make a presence in your and stick around whether they were invited or not.

I call my state of mind and living simple.  Now don’t get me wrong, simple doesn’t mean easy by any means.  Don’t make that mistake, because in order for simple to take precedence the choices you need to make may not be comfortable for everyone.
7 things I do to live a simple life.

  • I plan the time to work on tasks that require “more” of me.  Don’t ask me to come learn to change a tire, when I’m about to make myself a coffee.  It’s not happening.
  • If the family is planning the schedule or events, I’m vocal from the start with my husband so id he about my yes’ and no’s to everything
  • If I don’t have time right now, I’ll let you know
  • Limit major tasks that need major attention to only two per day.  There’s only so many hours in the day
  • Seek joy in saying YES to NO when it’s required.
  • Reference my Proverbs and Psalms daily, limit how much junk mail I put in my system
  • Where I am, Water is right beside me, as a reminder to drink some everyday


Sounds easy enough?  I think so.  I’ve never been a YES girl to everything and how I need to live in this life to survive is extremely important to me, especially my health (mental included).
How do  you do simple in your life?

Fresh Friday, Morning!

Good Morning, Friday!

Just wondering, who else out there wakes up without the sound of an alarm going off or the children yelling and screaming from another room.

It’s a lovely feeling to experience.  It’s as though the universe has given you a customary wake up call, with peace added to the equation.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always leave my entire trust on the universe, especially on days with events scheduled.

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Before 9am

I’m not sure if it’s like “most people”, but speaking for myself, I get the best out of myself when there’s an order or a system to follow.

Listed below, my 5 MUST DO things before 9am daily.  Unless of course, sickness of one of the children or chronic pain wants to give me a worse day than usual, I always make sure my mornings start out this way.


What are you must have’s before 9am?

Farewell Leo

I bought Guinea pigs for my children, there were 3, so everyone had their own.

One day going to get their nails cut at the pet store, I noticed this little guy alone in his cage. Remembering that guineas should never be alone, I scooped him up to join the family.

Leo was his name and he lover exploring. When he had enough with exploring he would kick out his legs and chill on the floor.

I was just getting ready to pack them in the car for their scheduled nail clipping and he’s gone.

👋 Farewell little Leo.

The answers are out there

I’ve had a lot of thoughts to process, a lot of wisdom to share.  How and where I’m going to create this vessel that I have within to share it with the world is the question.

Her Butler, started as a thought. I was initially the “Her” that I was speaking about as well as the “Butler” to other whom I’ve shared advise, insight and help when it was required of me.


How I was going to kick off this idea was another question I needed to answer.  I decided to use comics as my vessel first, as it didn’t connect with human beings or a particular someone.  It was welcomed and received in a great way.  However, there was still work that needed to be done.  Something kept telling me there’s more to this, I just have to seek it out.

Three weeks later, it came to me.  As I researched and studied videos on YouTube about blogging about something your passionate about, the only thing I could think of was my voice.  My voice, the words that appear out of the air that people are seeking and need to hear was my passion.  That moment, I decided let’s walk the path of a Life Coach.

I’ve begun my studies of a very contemporary course that will grant me a certification in the field eventually that I’m really excited about.

I can’t wait for this walk to evolve.

How full is your cup?

Daily Post!


Whether your cup is full, or half empty.  Management of your lifestyle and day is required in order to reap the best of it.

Since starting my blog (tomorrow will be a week), I’ve noticed my cup level slowly rising each day.  As long as my notebook is close by, I’m loving every minute of it.