My kitchen and I

My kitchen and I

It’s no surprise I loathe my kitchen. Aside from being the most common area to sit and have a chat with a friend, everything else about that space requires some kind of work.
Whether that’s cooking something, cleaning something up, wiping something down, packing it away. The list goes on.
Long a weekends are a huge exhausting anxious time for me to prep for the aftermath of the long weekend.


As usual I prepare myself by taking pictures of the areas that need most attention. Don’t ask me why I do this, it works for my brain..

Accompanied by some House music, I know, no pun intended but again, that’s what works for me… The tasks suddenly begin to flow like water and my mood takes on a more pleasing vibe.


I use a counter by counter process. Keeps the stress and anxiety levels at a low state.

What steps do you enjoy using to help you get through the clean ups after a long weekend?

Family Day Fun

Happy Family day!

Well my family day was filled with happiness this year.  I planned on spending the day bowling with the family, but wasn’t aware the rest of the neighborhood was planning to spend their family day the same way.  Always prepared with a “plan b” we ended up at the indoor playground.

As natural game girl, I went straight to the tickets and tokens arena to get my game on and winnings for something great.  My major winnings for the day ended up being a whopping 104 tickets!!

The children played like the animals in the jungle.


Swinging from post to post.  I had no chance keeping up with them, so I smoothly transitioned their play to my kind of sportsmanship with mini golf.  Little did I know my youngest son would have a better hand today than I did.  It was a simple but fun day filled with connections and smiles.

Does my hair need a schedule too?

The beauty and the beast about having woolly textured hair is you can go long periods of time without washing it, BUT prepare for dealing with matting and potential dredlocks forming.

My hair type doesn’t usually go by a schedule, but in order to maintain it, should I add more pressure to my hectic schedule and interrupt my natural hair processes because it seems like the right thing to do?

Since beginning my natural hair journey, no heat or texture manipulation – yeah I had insecurities about my kinky curly hair many moons ago like many black women; I eventually discovered how to love the Me I am and the true Me the world needs to accept me for.  Plus I got tired of faking it.  I find that to survive in this life, we require some form of regulation and standards, but does that mean the same goes for the things that we have no real control over like our hair?

My hair drinks more moisture than I think I drink water daily.  Some days the closest I get to giving it what it needs are a couple of sprays of water and a straight pony-tail, until tomorrow comes around again.  I see so many videos online about hair care routines, and what other ladies are doing to maintain themselves.  I feel some what anxious knowing that their hair carries that much weight in their daily life.  Am I missing something?

Visiting my Eyebrow stylist

Ever wondered what thoughts are going through your Stylist’s mind as she’s working on your eyebrows?  Especially if English is NOT her first language.  As I laid down on the work bench while she serviced my brows, some of the thoughts that went through my mind.

 “S*** I didn’t check again, if she put a new stick in that wax or if it’s the same one from her last client.”
I don’t have “trust” issues, I just don’t trust.  It’s my belief and choice to take “trust” out of the equation when it comes to certain relationships in this world.  But anyway… back to my thoughts.

 “Where’s the music in this place?  What music would she play if she did play music?  I wonder if she likes Beyonce”
It was really quiet in that place today.  No wonder my mind is on over drive with thoughts.

“I wonder if she’s in a good mood.  She better be and don’t mess up my brows”.  
It’s harder than you think when you work in the “service industry” because no matter what kind of day you’r having in your personal life, you have to keep it away from the table when it’s time to serve your customer.

“Where did she find this painting? Because the woman is naked, I guess it works being in a spa and all.  I wonder where the artist is from.  I think this will be a good post for my new blog.  I hope I can remember everything when the time comes to type it up.”

When I look back at my thoughts now, I smile to know that even when it comes to treating myself to a little “me time” I can achieve that WITHOUT thinking about work, my to-do list or the children.  Shout-out to all the ladies and gents that can get to achieve some serious “me time”, even if their mind wonders during the process.

5 Fears before I started my blog


My 5 Fears to starting this blog:

Who is my audience?  Parents, women, general adults, teenagers, children

What is my message?  What do I want to say? What is the voice inside my head talking about that I can share with the masses?

Where is my audience?  Where will I get my ideas for my posts


Why am I doing this?  What’s the point?

How am I going to get my message out to the masses?

Be sure to have your notebook present when your own fears come to life about starting your own blog. Ideas come from all kinds of thoughts and feelings.  Make it your own.

Hello Blogging world

I did it! Finally started to engage in my desire to share a little bit of Me, with the world.

I named my blog “Her Butler”.  I’ve often wondered what lies in the mind of a butler.  What secret information they may know for their employer.  What discussions they hear among the house guests and home owners.  What questions they ask themselves from the things they hear.  I’m a little like my own version of a butler.  Welcome to my world of questions, curiosity and passions.  Enjoy!