5 summer cocktails to try

The colour ORANGE means  pure summer and heat to me.  I love it.  Summer time is an excuse for me to try new cocktails in my favorite summer colour.

Here are 5 cocktail mixers on the market that have my favorite “mixer ingredients”.. Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Tequila and Orange juice.

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Check them out! Which ones have you tried, or curious about sampling?

  • Screwdriver
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Mimosa
  • Agent Orange
  • Fuzzy naval

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Fresh Friday, Morning!

Good Morning, Friday!

Just wondering, who else out there wakes up without the sound of an alarm going off or the children yelling and screaming from another room.

It’s a lovely feeling to experience.  It’s as though the universe has given you a customary wake up call, with peace added to the equation.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always leave my entire trust on the universe, especially on days with events scheduled.

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Dreams defined by scriptures, not created by man

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Do you know what your dreams mean?  That’s the title of most of the books being sold on the subject of dreams.

During my bedtime reading of the scriptures, I came across a passage explaining dreams, that I was exhilarated and put at peace to discover.

I don’t care what anyone says, when it comes to dreams, no man knows what they truly are, but there are books sold every day to people like myself who are seeking understanding to this life.  After reading, this passage, my spirit felt a comforting and relaxed state.  The wondering of what, who and why disappeared.

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By nature, I’m not a worrier.  I don’t pay attention to things that I know will upset me, discourage me or add confusion to my life.  I have children, and our daily walk together fills each of those categories daily.

This life has a difficult walk for all of us.  Buying books written by man  on a subject that man didn’t make, doesn’t make sense.  In closing, if our maker and creator of all things says not to pay attention to them, why do we?  Keep on living, folks and enjoy your day!

Before 9am

I’m not sure if it’s like “most people”, but speaking for myself, I get the best out of myself when there’s an order or a system to follow.

Listed below, my 5 MUST DO things before 9am daily.  Unless of course, sickness of one of the children or chronic pain wants to give me a worse day than usual, I always make sure my mornings start out this way.


What are you must have’s before 9am?

Watch “5 questions You DON’T ask on a first date” on YouTube

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Excuse me, while I take a moment to address those that call themselves “experts” in a field they really shouldn’t be speaking in.

I came across questions from the “experts” at eharmony, that suggest questions they think you should ask on your FIRST DATE!!

Let’s just say, I had a different view on their perception of good  first date questions.

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Check them out for yourself!

Awkward Silence, how do you manage them?

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I have a new video for addressing awkward silence.  This is going to be an intro to a program I’m looking at putting together assisting those who struggle to manage themselves confidently in public settings.

Let me know what you think.  Should this be a vessel to access in helping those who don’t know where to start in these predicaments?