Watch “5 questions You DON’T ask on a first date” on YouTube

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Excuse me, while I take a moment to address those that call themselves “experts” in a field they really shouldn’t be speaking in.

I came across questions from the “experts” at eharmony, that suggest questions they think you should ask on your FIRST DATE!!

Let’s just say, I had a different view on their perception of good  first date questions.

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Check them out for yourself!

Watch “One night stand Random questions” on YouTube

Everyone has those days when they experience distress, emotional trauma and heartache.

Some of us choose to channel our emotions in ways that sometimes question our morals and intent.

In other words, having a one night stand may be the solution towards self healing, but is it?

I decided to evaluate some of the questions people ask themselves when considering a one night stand.

Check out my video!

What do you think about the questions I found?

Cleaning my Keurig 2.0 day!

I’ve held it off as long as I could, but today ended up  being the day I decided to clean my Keuring 2.0.  It was the first time, and a collection of different emotions joined me for the ride.


Prior to starting the process, I assessed and estimated what was awaiting me the closer I got to the finish line, and there were as I expected a roller coaster of trials, not to mention the fault which occurred during my attempt to edit the footage.  It’s all good!  The most important thing is, I cleaned my Keurig and it’s function to produce my coffee as I always expect, will continue.

(P.S. I wouldn’t complain, if I did have “Her Butler” here to help me out.

How to Rise to the occasion

As I prepare to share this post on my blog, there are two things I need to acknowledge in order to “Rise to the Occasion “.

(1) I need content. What am I going to say and why?

(2) Understanding there is an order set in place for me to be successful at the task that I’m setting out to achieve.

What the weather is doing today, has nothing to do with what I’m attempting to do here, so there’s no room for me to execute excuses for not getting it done.

Things that we “want” to do, we make sure the time is set for us to do it, unlike the things that require thought, time and work against our will.

Before  I pressed the “publish” button to my post earlier this morning, I had to come to a level of understanding to this teaching.

My voice will not be heard if I don’t use it properly. That means acknowledging the right way of doing something and harken to it, without excuses.

Change can sometimes feel scary as we don’t know what’s waiting on the other side. Remember, that feeling you experience when change is abound, is only a feeling we create within ourselves. Acknowledge the presence of that feeling, asking why its there and if need be ask aloud when its going to leave. That’s what I do when I get an unexpected visit from fear.


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Hello Spring, I’ve sprung too!

I’m so excited for the new spring season to come upon us and ignite my new discovered passion for my life and the new experiences into it.  The earth is giving birth again, and I feel like I’m being born again too.  This new blog has been put into my lap, the voice inside of me is waiting for me to put the words together, and I’m not really sure how.  Does that ever happen to you?


Not very often am I caught in this predicament, twiddling my fingers together not knowing what to do next.  Patience is definitely present with me, and I’m going to listen to its calling.

3 Things I know, I’m looking forward to this spring and sharing;

  • Starting my vegetable garden
  • Sinking deeper into my Life Coaching course and hopefully practice training
  • Travelling deeper into the world of the bloggers I follow and discovering new ones.

The blogging world is huge, if I can’t find you, please LIKE so I can discover you too.  Have a great spring 2018!