Well, are you a pen or a pencil?

When I read the scriptures and discover some of the ways God would work his gloriousness on the earth with man, it makes me wonder why we cannot see what he’s put in us. Instead, we end up choosing not listening and taking another path, ending up in conclusion to death and destruction.

The Father says, his ways are not our way, nor are his thoughts our thoughts.  As I have an ear to hear, I don’t think to ask why or how he did what he did upon the earth with us before or in present day.  Are you crazy?? Not this daughter of YAH!

I do however take from his teaching, that sometimes I’m going to need to make tough decisions, and I need to take the pen over the pencil method in handling them.  Not all decisions are made for your comfort, or mine.  Once you understand those principles, you can walk with confidence, eyes wide open and close your eyes at the end of day when it’s time to be still and sleep.

As always, walk in his glory.